The Best Tritón hotel in Benalmádena.

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The Best Tritón hotel in Benalmádena. Marilú Báez

The rebirth of an icon: The Best Tritón hotel in Benalmádena Costa

The four-star establishment, part of the Best Hotels chain, has welcomed its first guests after undergoing a comprehensive renovation and expansion programme

Lorena Cádiz


Tuesday, 9 July 2024, 11:21

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Considered a benchmark in the tourist industry on the Costa del Sol, the Hotel Tritón is currently welcoming its first guests after undergoing a comprehensive renovation and expansion project. The four-star establishment, located on the seafront in Benalmádena Costa, included the addition of 150 extra bedrooms, giving it a total 525 rooms, along with new services and amenities.

The iconic hotel, which first opened in the 1970s and was refurbished in 1998 after being purchased by the Best Hotels chain, has now been completely remodelled after a year and a half of work.

The work consisted of the complete refurbishment of all rooms and communal areas, which have been reorganised in such a way as to make the most of the space to include the full range of services currently offered by top-of-the-range hotels. Also, the infinity swimming pools have a splash area for children; while a spa area and a beauty salon have been created, as well as a fitness centre with the latest technology. From now on, the Hotel Tritón will also have a sky bar and a new dining area, which will include a brasserie à la carte restaurant serving local products, and a buffet restaurant with "live cooking" offering national and international cuisine.

New facilities have also been built for the children's and youngsters' clubs, along with a car park with 240 additional spaces.

Under the Best Hotels brand, a hotel chain with 38 hotels in Spain, Andorra and the Dominican Republic and with its headquarters in Benalmádena, the Best Tritón is entering a new era in which “we want to position ourselves in the holiday segment as the best in the area, as it was for many years during the golden age of the Costa del Sol,” said Juan Palacios, head of Best Hotels in Malaga, Granada and Cadiz.

Third luxury hotel to be built on the Costa del Sol

The hotel opened its doors on 17 July 1961, and more than a thousand guests attended the inauguration of what was at that time the third luxury hotel to be built on the Costa del Sol, after the Pez Espada and the Tropicana. The Tritón marked the beginning of Benalmádena's journey in tourism, an industry that, at the time, everyone associated with Torremolinos. In fact, it was a decade in which the potential of the Costa del Sol for this industry began to be valued and in which some investors bought land to build the first hotel establishments.

The Tritón was followed by the Roca and Siroco (also Best Hotels), the Riviera and the Alay. All of them changed the appearance of this part of the coast and strengthened the Benalmádena brand as a distinctive tourist location on the Costa del Sol.

Complete transformation

The Tritón is once again positioning itself as a new product and a benchmark in the hotel industry with a complete transformation and an extension that has resulted in 525 rooms, of which, 135 are “premium”, explained Palacios.

Another of the most notable new features of the hotel complex is a terrace of about a thousand square metres with sea views, with a bar and a pool that will be for the exclusive use of clients who reserve premium rooms. Palacios specifies that work is still being done in this area and that they hope to have it finished in about three weeks.

“We are delighted with the response from our clients. This weekend we will reach a thousand guests for the first time and we will soon stabilise at 1,300,” he said, adding that 70 per cent are international, with the majority being British, Dutch, German, Belgian and Nordic.

He explained that the renovation project created around 300 jobs, and another 200 have been created since it reopened.

“The project was declared of municipal tourist interest. We have generated a lot of expectations in the market and we hope to work with high occupancy throughout the year,” Palacios said, adding that the establishment does not plan to close in the low season. “It has never done so. In its long history it has only closed its doors for this total transformation. A very ambitious renovation project to once again turn the Best Tritón into one of the most emblematic hotels on the Costa del Sol.”

The Best Hotels hotel chain currently manages three hotels with more than 1,200 rooms in Benalmádena. In addition to the Best Tritón, it offers the Best Benalmádena (4 star and 281 rooms) and the Best Siroco (4 star and 400 rooms). The hotel company started its expansion in southern Spain more than 20 years ago. Its first purchase was the Hotel Tritón in 1997. In 1998 it incorporated the Best Siroco (refurbished in 2017) and, finally, in 2003, the Best Benalmádena (refurbished in 2016).

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