Workers protest at the gates of Tivoli. SUR
Court rejects appeal of Tivoli workers whose contracts were terminated last year

Court rejects appeal of Tivoli workers whose contracts were terminated last year

The ruling puts an end to the employees' legal proceedings against the owners of the Costa del Sol amusement park

Lorena Cádiz


Friday, 2 February 2024, 14:47

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Andalucía's High Court has dismissed the appeal filed by workers of Tivoli amusement park, ruling that the termination of their contracts in March last year was legal.

A total of 80 workers argued that the process, carried out at that time by the insolvency administrator, was not done justly, but the court disagreed. The judicial setback closes the door on the employees being able to negotiate the payment of their salaries from March 2023 until today.

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The workers claimed they acquired rights and should not have lost their jobs. The popular Costa del Sol amusement park has now been closed for more than three years after hitting financial problems during the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

'We will take care of the facilities until the end'

Despite it seeming clear these workers are no longer employed by Tivoli, they said they will look after the site "until the end". They said they will remain on guard, watching over and maintaining the facilities until "we have all the guarantees that a new company will take charge of them and that they will not deteriorate".

Some of the workers are hopeful about the arrival of a new investor who wants to reopen the park, although they are aware that if they were taken on as staff it would mean starting from scratch with "new contracts and new salaries".

On Wednesday 31 January, Benalmádena mayor Juan Antonio Lara said there are very advanced talks between the current owner, the Tremón group, and investors interested in reopening Tivoli, and even expressed confidence that this will happen "before the end of this term of office".

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