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Controversy after 35 established trees felled next to Costa del Sol train tracks

Controversy after 35 established trees felled next to Costa del Sol train tracks

A town councillor has criticised Adif for cutting down the eucalyptus trees in Torremolinos "without anyone's permission"

José Rodríguez Cámara


Tuesday, 12 March 2024, 11:43


A town councillor has hit out at Spain's national railway infrastructure company, Adif, after 35 eucalyptus trees were felled alongside the Costa del Sol C1 line train tracks in Torremolinos, allegedly without permission.

Izquierda Unida councillor David Tejeiro complained to the town hall: "Just as you fine a person who has a dog that pees in the street, how can you not react when such a large mass of trees is being felled?".

The trees provided shade along three streets in the area: Avenida Manuel Fraga Iribarne, La Colina and Ronda Alta de Benyamina. The councillor pointed out the trees had been part of the landscape for years. The area runs parallel to the route of the Cercanías C1 train line, from Fuengirola to Malaga, as it passes through the municipality of Torremolinos.

Tejeiro accused Adif of felling the trees "without permission" and blasted Partido Popular councillors for not monitoring the felling, even though the state railway infrastructure company owns the land. Tejeiro wants town hall to determine who is responsible for the cutting of the trees, and impose a sanction. The councillor also asked the council's environment and parks and gardens departments about the situation and, in both cases, got the same answer: "There is no record of any request for permission to cut down or prune, by the owner, Adif, which belongs to the national Ministry of Transport".

When asked about the matter by SUR, the town hall said it was being investigated in order to decide how to proceed. Adif sources have not yet responded to SUR's request for comment.

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