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Bar owner seriously injured after being kicked in the head during brawl in Churriana

The victim needed 12 stitches to his wounds after the incident in the early hours of the morning in the Malaga district

Juan Cano


Wednesday, 19 June 2024, 09:37

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A man has been arrested for allegedly kicking another man in the head during a brawl in the Churriana district of Malaga city. The incident happened at around one o'clock in the morning on Tuesday and the 092 police incident room number received several calls alerting them to a fight.

Apparently, a group of people were assaulting the owner of a bar located in Calle Molino Linares. Several units of the Malaga Local Police force went to the scene to respond to the call. On arrival, they saw a bloodied man with a large wound to his head, which was still bleeding profusely.

Witnesses told the officers in which direction the attackers had fled, and they were discovered a few metres away in a parking area.

After viewing a video provided by eyewitnesses, and with statements gathered at the scene, the officers arrested a 25-year-old man from Cordoba, as the alleged perpetrator of the kick that caused the most serious injuries to the bar owner.

According to police sources, the incident was sparked by an argument between the victim and the father of the arrested man, who left the area when police units arrived on the scene.

The injured man was treated at the scene, but was later transferred to the Churriana health centre due to his injuries, which required 12 stitches.

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