A file image of a malnourished dog / SUR

Three who ran animal shelter convicted of keeping 105 dogs in 'deplorable' conditions

The accused were running a facility in Rincón de la Victoria and have each been sentenced to 15 months in prison. Only 42 of the animals survived after they were found by the Guardia Civil and taken to another centre


A court in Malaga has sentenced three people to 15 monthis in prison each for animal mistreatment offences after they were found to be keeping 105 dogs in a situation of "abandonment" and in a "deplorable" state of health at an animal shelter in Rincón de la Victoria. Only 42 of the animals survived after they were found and taken to another centre.

According to the judge sentencing the three, the defendants were at the time the heads of a animal shelter which had a 200 square metre enclosure in Cortijo Maroto, in Rincón de la Victoria.

The court hear the fenced enclosure, "had remains of waste, including sharp material, had no sewage or drainage system for the extraction of water or excrement.” However, it had housed a large number of dogs since April 2017.

According to the judge, the defendents were in charge of collecting and keeping them "under the pretence of an animal protection association". In June 2017, agents from Seprona, the Guardia Civil’s nature and wildlife protection branch, seized 105 dogs in a situation "of abandonment, whose state of health was deplorable".

The animals were examined by vets who reported a "serious health risk due to contagious diseases". The report went on to say that only “a small amount of food” was found when the inspection took place.

The animals were infected with leishmania and mange and had lesions including alopecia, dermatitis, fleas and ulcers. They were also malnourished. The dogs were transferred to another centre. However, many of them died and by December 2017 only 42 of the dogs were still alive.

The three defendants were convicted of ongoing animal abuse and were each sentenced to 15 months imprisonment and banned from keeping or looking after animals for a period of three years.

They will also be ordered to pay compensation to the centre that took on the animals. However, the figure has not been confirmed yet. One of witnesses is also being investigated for giving a false testimony.