Recycled Christmas decorations in Canillas de Aceituno / SUR

Axarquía women show how Christmas can be sustainable

Residents in the village of Canillas de Aceituno have used recycled plastic materials to decorate the village

Eugenio Cabezas

María del Carmen Jiménez, Concepción Bonilla, Carmen Ramírez, Concepción Morales and María Jesús Hidalgo are five residents of Canillas de Aceituno in the Axarquía who have, for the second year running, been busy making sustainable Christmas decorations to adorn their village.

They have made more than fifty Christmas decorations mainly from plastic bottles. The women have created stars, Christmas trees, traditional Malaga biznaga flowers, bouquets of flowers for the lampposts, angels, garlands and gifts.

The biggest creation is the Christmas tree which is located on the square outside the town hall. Conchi Bonilla, one of the artists, explained that the tree is "more than five metres high”. She went on to say, “We have used more than 2,000 milk cartons to make this Christmas tree, which, like all the other recycled material used, we have treated, painted and decorated.”

Enthusiasm and joy

Mayor of Canillas de Aceituno Vicente Campos explained, "Over the last few months, our residents have once again taken great pains to contribute to the magic of Christmas. Activities and initiatives such as these demonstrate the dynamism and life of our villages and show the enthusiasm and joy that our older residents continue to be an essential part of our society.”

Campos added, "It is important for us that our residents are committed to helping save money at this time of year and the need to preserve the environment".

The councillor for Education and Culture, Remedios Ruiz thanked the residents “for their enthusiasm and ingenuity” and added, “With this initiative we are fulfilling a triple objective: to decorate our town, to raise awareness of the need to care for and respect the environment, as well as creating an important space for socialising for our residents."

The women busy at work, the Christmas tree outside the town hall, an angel made from plastic bottles / SUR