Judy Rust is number 11 on Nerja's PSOE list SUR
'It is essential to attend to environmental issues'
Local elections 2023

'It is essential to attend to environmental issues'

PSOE Nerja ·

Judy Rust is originally from the US and has lived in Nerja since 2017 where she is actively involved in the local community

Wednesday, 17 May 2023


Judy Rust is originally from Burlington, Vermont, USA but lived and worked in Antwerp, Belgium from 1989 to 2017. She has lived in Nerja since 2017.

Judy explained to SUR in English that her decision to stand as a candidate on the PSOE list in the town comes from seeing “challenges to democracy emerge recently in many countries” including her own home country. “I feel it is essential to proactively participate in our system in order to preserve it."

Judy, who is number 11 on the socialist list headed by Patricia Gutiérrez, went on to say, "There are several local issues I’ve been involved with since 2020 and when I met Patricia Gutiérrez and her team in October 2022 I was so impressed by their positive energy and vision for Nerja that I quickly answered yes when they asked me to join their list.”

For Judy, changes that are needed in Nerja include “improved communications on various levels, between townspeople and the ayuntamiento [town hall], as well as among the diverse populations who live here.”

A professional musician herself, Judy “would like to see support of arts and artists, live music venues, and all local businesses who are recovering from Covid era losses”.

She also feels strongly about “improved opportunities for young people in education, employment, housing, and informal gathering places – including a venue for young artists to perform their own music.”

Judy also sees the opportunity to use the “many vacant commercial spaces” in the town to “house IT co-working spaces [and] educational facilities” among others. “It is essential to attend to environmental issues including an animal shelter as well as sustainable land and water usage,” Judy concluded.

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