New Local Police chief Rafael Mora with the mayor and other councillors. SUR
New Local Police chief appointed in Costa del Sol town

New Local Police chief appointed in Costa del Sol town

Rafael Mora replaces José Andrés Montoya who has been in the role in Vélez-Málaga since March 2017

Eugenio Cabezas


Wednesday, 3 April 2024, 15:09


A new Local Police chief has been appointed in Vélez-Málaga on the eastern stretch of the Costa del Sol. Rafael Mora replaces José Andrés Montoya who had been in the role since March 2017.

With a "proven and solid" professional career, Mora (Andújar, Jaén, 1962) has come from Huelva where he was head of the Local Police from 2017 and head of the Marbella force from 2009 to 2015. He has a degree in Law from the European University of Madrid and a diploma in Criminology from the University of Malaga.

According to mayor of Vélez-Málaga Jesús Lupiáñez, Mora has “a proven track record” and that "security is one of the pillars of our municipality and we present a new head of the Local Police, with whom we seek to enhance this key sector.”

New vehicles and equipment

The mayor thanked outgoing chief José Andrés Montoya for his "work and dedication", and added that the town hall has a “strong commitment to the security, peace and well-being of our residents, because we understood that this was an area that needed to be improved considerably”.

According to the mayor, the town's Local Police force is going to be equipped with new vehicles, which will arrive during this quarter and also with material including bulletproof vests". He added that the town hall has created working groups for the different districts and villages that form part of Vélez-Málaga and that an extension of the new National Police station in Torre del Mar “is urgently needed”.

During his inauguration Mora said, "It is a great honour and a great responsibility for me to assume the position of new chief of the Local Police of Vélez-Málaga. It is a position I know, as I have worked in Marbella and Huelva.” He added that he is “at the disposal of the residents”.

Criticism from the opposition

Socialist opposition spokesperson Víctor González accused Lupiáñez of having “handpicked" Mora, adding that he is “part of the mayor's entourage" and that having Montoya in the role “does not suit him”. González went on to say that the appointment is “wasteful and unnecessary” and that Moya’s appointment has come at the expense of recruiting more officers.

“The security of our municipality is a problem that is increasingly on people's lips. This problem cannot be solved by adding a new chief of police and taking away three officers," said the socialist.

"From the PSOE we denounce that Lupiáñez is once again deceiving the people by breaking his electoral promises and from here we urge him to work for the safety of the municipality and not for his personal interest, putting people closer to him in relevant positions in the Local Police," said the socialist spokesperson. "We need fewer chiefs and more officers” he said and accused the mayor of “doing the opposite” of what he promised “when he was in opposition”.

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