The location where the bodies of the couple were found. EC
Bodies of man and woman found in roadside ditch after hit-and-run on the old N-340

Bodies of man and woman found in roadside ditch after hit-and-run on the old N-340

Police have located the vehicle involved and its owner, who has denied being the driver and claimed it had been stolen

Eugenio Cabezas


Sunday, 5 February 2023, 07:37


Locals in the centre of Almayate, which sits in the western part of the Vélez-Málaga municipality, woke up on Saturday morning with the grim news of the discovery of two bodies found lying in a ditch on the old N-340 as it passes through this Axarquía town.

According to SUR sources, they were a 73-year-old man and a 58-year-old woman, both residents of Malaga city. Although the investigation is still open, everything indicates that both were run over in the early hours of the morning, and that the driver fled the scene.

This has been confirmed by sources close to the Guardia Civil, which has taken charge of the investigation after some passers-by alerted authorities following the discovery of the bodies at around ten.

SUR has learned that the police investigation has already located the vehicle involved in the accident. Apparently, the owner of the vehicle has said that he was not the driver involved, and claimed that his car had been stolen. The person, a resident of Vélez-Málaga, had contacted Local Police to say that he had found his car parked in a different location from where he had left it the night before. The vehicle had a smashed windscreen and numerous traces of blood.

Local residents did not hear anything

People living in the houses near the area where the bodies were discovered, known as Arroyo del Búho, have said that they did not hear any noise that startled them during the early hours, and said that they only learned of the discovery of the bodies as a result of the commotion caused by the Local Police Guardia Civil arriving on the scene.

The identity of the victims is still unknown, beyond the fact that both are residents of Malaga city.

The incident happened on a section of the old N-340 highway where it is not uncommon to see people crossing it or walking along its hard shoulder, due to the presence of nearby houses, beach bars and restaurants.

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