Residents are up in arms over a proposal to change Calle Sevilla to Calle Dulce Nombre de Jesús / sur

From Sevilla to Dulce Nombre de Jesús: opposition over a change of name for Vélez-Málaga street

Residents have complained about the "bureaucratic inconvenience" the change will cause and the brotherhood is "willing to help them"

Eugenio Cabezas

The residents of Calle Sevilla in Vélez-Málaga, which is next to San Juan church, are up in arms over the town hall's plans to change the name of the street in honour of a local brotherhood, the Cofradía del Dulce Nombre de Jesús y María Santísima de los Dolores.

The residents have complained of the "inconvenience" that the change to Calle Dulce Nombre de Jesús would cause them "at a bureaucratic level" when it comes to transferring their homes or receiving official notifications. However, the brotherhood has assured them that it will do everything it can to help.

The neighbourhood association of San Francisco and San Juan, chaired by Francisco Delgado, opposes the change of name to the street and the association has turned to social media to voice its opposition. The association says on its Facebook page, "It is extremely serious that the nomenclature of the streets in the centre of our town is being destroyed."

The association considers that changing the names of streets in the historic centre "is contrary to the protection established in the Special Plan for Protection and Interior Reform (PEPRI) of Vélez-Málaga established by the ministry of culture and historical heritage".

The neighbours have threatened to "act accordingly" against the town hall’s decision. "The aim of our group is to help our neighbours in their demands and to protect from destruction any initiative that threatens our heritage," the association said, adding, "Calle Sevilla has had its name since before 1897 and will continue to be called this forever."

Celia García, one of the affected neighbours, told SUR on Tuesday that the association has collected the signatures of the 13 residents of this street. She stressed that they are "not against this or any other brotherhood in the city.” However, she added, "We don't want them to change the name. The change goes against the PEPRI regulations.”

One of the members of the brotherhood, Francisco Cueto, explained to SUR that the origin of the brotherhood dates back to 1540, when it was the only one in Vélez-Málaga. "We have wanted to do it with the greatest consensus, communicating it previously to the neighbours, and we are at their disposal to help them bureaucratically in everything they need," he said. He was unable to specify when the change of name will happen.