A scene of the brawl in Vélez-Málaga. SUR
Fight breaks out after Spain-Morocco match in Vélez-Málaga

Fight breaks out after Spain-Morocco match in Vélez-Málaga

A video shows a brawl between two opposing groups of fans following Spain's defeat in the World Cup


Wednesday, 7 December 2022, 11:30


Morocco's victory in the penalty shoot-out against Spain in the Qatar 2022 World Cup unleashed a wave of joy and jubilation among the large group of Moroccans living in Malaga province on Tuesday evening.

However, the triumph was marred in Vélez-Málaga by a fist fight between fans from both countries as seen in a video circulating on social media.

As SUR has been able to confirm, the incident took place a few minutes after the final whistle of the match, following the fateful penalty shoot-out that sent the national team, coached by Luis Enrique, home.

It took place beside the Jurado Lorca park, near the Guardia Civil headquarters. In the video a group of three young Moroccans are seen arguing loudly with other people who were sitting on a terrace. The latter were reproaching them for their victorious chants.

Suddenly, a middle-aged and very large man went straight towards the group of Moroccans and, without saying a word, began to throw punches and kicks. A large fight ensued, which several witnesses tried to stop. The video also shows several of the young Moroccans punching and kicking the middle-aged man.

According to police sources, both Local and National police received several alerts and patrols were sent to the scene, but when they arrived, the football fans were no longer there. No complaints have since been received by the police.

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