Vélez-Málaga's environment councillor Rocío Ruiz during the awareness campaign in January. SUR
Costa del Sol town has slapped 84 pet mess fines on owners since byelaw came into force
Local byelaws

Costa del Sol town has slapped 84 pet mess fines on owners since byelaw came into force

Vélez-Málaga has also clamped down on the dumping of garden and construction waste and leaving furniture by street containers without notifying the town hall collection service

Eugenio Cabezas


Wednesday, 28 February 2024, 19:39


Local Police officers in Vélez-Málaga, on the eastern strip of the Costa del Sol, have issued 84 fines since the introduction of a byelaw requiring pet owners to clean up after their dogs and imposing stricter controls on fly tipping. The ‘in your house you would clean it up...our streets are your home' campaign to raise awareness of the new byelaw was launched earlier this year and local residents were given a two-week grace period before police started to issue the fines.

Councillor for the environment, Rocío Ruiz said on Tuesday 27 February, "We are pleased to announce the data already compiled, following the report sent to us by the Local Police after the campaign carried out throughout the municipality.”

She went on to say that the ‘In your house you would clean it... our streets are your home' campaign was designed to “raise awareness through different information points in busy areas, such as street markets, footpaths or dog parks. However, there are people who do not understand civility and we have to go beyond the information and issue fines.”

Encouraging figures

The councillor highlighted that “a total of 84 reports were made by the municipal officers. A total of 92 notifications have also been collected through the Gecor system. We also note that sanctions have been imposed on people who have dumped garden and construction waste and left furniture in the street without prior notice to the free phone number for its removal.”

Ruiz, making "a new appeal for civic-mindedness”, said that while the figures are “encouraging”, they “are not enough”. The councillor added, “We all have to continue working and educating to raise awareness that the excrement of our pets must be collected and their urine diluted."

She concluded, "As the campaign slogan says, 'In your house you would clean it up... Our streets are your home'. It is everyone's job to keep our municipality clean, not just that of the council's cleaning services. I ask for greater civic-mindedness from residents so that these fines are reduced to anecdotal figures.”

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