Footage of Local Police and Guardia Civil patrols at the Parque Victoria residential area in Rincón de la Victoria. SUR
Costa del Sol burglaries: ‘Thieves broke in while Guardia Civil officers were on patrol in the area’

Costa del Sol burglaries: ‘Thieves broke in while Guardia Civil officers were on patrol in the area’

Locals are demanding more action after 17 reported thefts from properties in the Parque Victoria residential area of Rincón de la Victoria since December 2023

José Rodríguez Cámara

Rincón de la Victoria

Wednesday, 7 February 2024, 12:20


Guardia Civil officers were allegedly patrolling the area around Parque Victoria in Rincón de la Victoria on the eastern stretch of the Costa del Sol on the evening of Monday 29 January when two burglaries were reported in the neighbourhood. This brings the total to 17 thefts in the residential area since early December 2023.

Owners of two ground floor flats reported the burglaries at around 8.45pm. The president of the owners’ association, Carlos Martínez, said that with these two latest cases, a total of four have taken place in just that block of flats since early December 2023, which is home to around one hundred families.

"Thieves have entered the houses while the Guardia Civil has been on patrol in the area. It is serious, there is a lot of concern in the neighbourhood," Martínez acknowledges.

Notable increase in police presence

The Guardia Civil has not confirmed the number of burglaries reported and says that it will not do so while “investigations are ongoing”. In the meantime, the force has said that it will continue to reinforce security in the area with units arriving from other parts of Malaga province.

According to local residents the presence of police has increased notably and Rincón de la Victoria town hall has said that the Local Police has also reinforced its presence in the area.

However, there are reports that suspects managed to get away from officers on 21 December. Some residents have even asked for private security, but Martínez asks, “What are they going to do if they steal in front of the Guardia Civil?” The situation is tense in Parque Victoria and residents are demanding solutions to stop the burglaries.

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