This gin is a London Dry made with ten botanicals. SUR
Brits in the Axarquía create a gin with the spirit of Frigiliana

Brits in the Axarquía create a gin with the spirit of Frigiliana

Avocado peel and sugar cane are two of the unusual ingredients in the alcoholic drink created by two local residents who hail from Manchester

Javier Almellones


Friday, 16 June 2023, 18:47


Cardamom, citrus peel or juniper are some of the classic ingredients in many of the gins made in the world today. The strange thing is to find other additions, such as avocado peel or sugar cane. That is the main distinguishing factor of D&B, a 'London Dry' created by two British residents in Frigiliana, Chris Davison and Rachel Brogan.

In December 2022 an idea was sparked by the pair, who both hail from Manchester, to create their own gin which they have been selling since May in both Frigiliana and Nerja. Chris has a cocktail bar in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, Frigiliana, where you can not only buy this distinctive gin but also taste it.

They are currently selling the second batch – of 500 bottles – in which they have started using water from Sierra Nevada to achieve a higher quality product. The avocado skin, which is macerated like the other ingredients, comes from organic crops in the area. The sugar cane is also sourced from some of the remaining local plantations. The rest of the botanicals that make up this masterful formula are orange and lemon peel, cardamom, cinnamon, juniper, liquorice, cloves and coriander.

"We wanted to make a gin that everyone would like," explained Chris at his bar, Hudsons Cocktails, which has a spectacular view of the Mediterranean. There, customers can ask to be served a classic gin and tonic with D&B, which "can be accompanied with orange peel, chilli, coriander or even pepper," Rachel said.

As well as being on sale at the cocktail bar, at a price of 22 euros per half-litre bottle, it can be found in other places in Frigiliana, but also in neighbouring Nerja, in establishments such as the Iranzo supermarket or the restaurant Paco El Churretero. Soon, Chris and Rachel hope to have everything ready to start selling their bottles online. They plan to reduce the proportion of cardamom and start using 70 centilitre bottles for the next batch.

The gin's slogan, created in one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, is the 'spirit of Frigiliana', and aims to capture the charm of its winding streets.

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