Small bonfires are lit in the streets of Maro to celebrate San Antón E. cabezas
Bonfires return to Axarquía village to honour patron saint

Bonfires return to Axarquía village to honour patron saint

There will be live music, food and a blessing for pets in the parish church during the three-day festival in Maro

Thursday, 12 January 2023, 00:30


The Axarquía village of Maro, near Nerja, will celebrate the feast day of its patron saint, San Antón (Saint Anthony) on Saturday 14, Sunday 15 and Tuesday 17 January.

The festivities will begin on Saturday at 6.30pm with the lighting of the traditional bonfires, or 'lumbres' in the streets. The bonfires are made by the local residents at the doors of their houses, as tradition dictates.

Once the bonfires are lit, the municipal band will provide live music and the traditional dish of ‘migas’ or breadcrumbs fried in olive oil and garlic will be served.

At 9pm the main bonfire on Plaza de la Iglesia will be lit and this will be followed by more live music from the Elisa Ariza group and the band Proyecto Mandarina. There will be more live music throughout Sunday 15 January.

Blessing of pets

The events will conclude on Tuesday 17 January, which is the actual feast day. Holy mass will be held at 12 noon in the Virgen de Las Maravillas church, where the traditional blessing of pets will take place at the door of the church.

At 6.30pm the image of Saint Anthony will be paraded through the streets of Maro accompanied by the Nerja municipal band and this will be followed by a large fireworks display.

Announcing the festivities earlier this week, the town hall invited residents and visitors alike to visit Maro and enjoy the traditional celebration.

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