Chilches residents have been unable to use their cars for a week / SUR

Residents of Axarquía village trapped at home due to huge potholes on road

"We have been cut off for about a week, unable to go out and buy food, but luckily we are all fine for now," said Beatriz Morales

Eugenio Cabezas

Although the recent heavy rain is finally providing some much-needed relief to the drought-stricken Axarquía, it is also causing problems in many rural areas.

Around a dozen residents of the Santillán area of Chilches, which belongs to Vélez-Málaga, have been unable to leave their homes by car for a week due to the huge potholes that have appeared in the track that connects the properties with the local road to Macharaviaya and the Añoreta development in Rincón de la Victoria. "We have been cut off for about a week, unable to buy food, but luckily we are all fine for now," Beatriz Morales, one of the residents affected, told SUR.

"These things happen"

The 61-year-old painter, who has lived in her farmhouse for two decades explained to SUR: "At first the local residents repaired the track ourselves, but then the town hall told us that the 1.2 kilometre stretch which is not concreted, cannot be touched because it crosses the Santillán stream at three points."

She has criticised the town hall for not listening to her complaints until now. "I was told that they would come to fix it on Friday [16 December]," she said earlier this week.

Town hall sources explained that there are numerous rural properties in the municipality and when it rains "these things happen,” but added that they were less frequent now as they are “investing in improving the rural roads, especially in Benajarafe and Chilches." They added, "We are making progress and we will continue to improve the rural roads.”

Another section of the track in the Santillán araea of Chilches / SUR