Some of the equipment that was seized by police. CNP

Gang that specialised in breaking into automatic cash registers in restaurants caught red-handed

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The thieves are believed to be behind 33 such incidents in Andalucía and Murcia



Wednesday, 22 March 2023, 14:26


National Police officers in Spain have arrested three people aged between 19 and 40 years old in Vélez-Málaga for their alleged involvement in a total of 33 thefts from catering establishments in Andalucía and Murcia.

The gang would target automatic cash registers in the establishments, which they were able to gain access to in a matter of seconds.

Officers seized numerous tools used to carry out the thefts, such as pallet jacks, drills, hydraulic pumps and cylinder extractors, as well as frequency inhibitors, GPS locators, money and computer equipment during a search at the suspects’ home in Granada.

Operation Caisse, which was carried out by Vélez-Málaga’s Local Police force, began following a robbery in a restaurant in the town, where the assailants were able to gain quick access to the machine. Continuing with the investigations, officers learned of other thefts using the same modus operandi in Malaga city and Torremolinos. From there, investigators suspected that they were the same perpetrators.

Hidden compartments

According to investigations, the suspects, who lived in Granada city, travelled in a van equipped with hidden compartments where they hid tools and other equipment to commit the thefts.

The suspects forced the accesses of the establishments and then looted the automatic cash registers, managing to get hold of the money stored inside in seconds.

Officers were able to locate the vehicle used by the gang and arrested the suspects red-handed as they were carrying out a new hit on a restaurant in the Axarquía.

Over the course of the investigation, which lasted for several months, officers linked robberies in Malaga, Cadiz, Jaen, Granada, Cordoba and the Region of Murcia to the same gang.

The money stolen in the attacks amounted to 123,872 euros, while the damage caused to the properties was valued at 70,000 euros. The case is being heard in court in Vélez-Málaga.

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