The moment the goat was released. Guardia Civil
Animal welfare

Watch as specialist police rescue mountain goat trapped for several days in deep chasm in Malaga province

Guardia Civil officers hauled the exhausted and dehydrated animal to safety from the bottom of the five-metre deep hole



Tuesday, 2 January 2024, 09:58


A mountain goat has been rescued by police in Antequera, Malaga province, after it fell and became trapped inside a steep five-metre chasm.

Specialist officers from the Seprona nature and environment protection branch of the Guardia Civil received a phone call from a member of the public who reported the incident and said that the wild animal trapped in a deep hole in the ground had no way of getting out.

Officers went to the area and discovered the animal was suffering from some malnutrition, dehydration and exhaustion after being trapped for several days. They used a strap around the animal and lifted it through the hole to safety. The goat was immediately released and started to feed on surrounding vegetation.

The hole was cordoned off and signposted to warn of the danger to people.

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