Magician Luis Olmedo shows off his new award SUR
Luis Olmedo brings back new international award after dazzling performance at magic show

Luis Olmedo brings back new international award after dazzling performance at magic show

American TV show Fool Us chose the Malaga magicians from among 100 contestants this season

Antonio J. Guerrero


Friday, 12 April 2024, 14:24


Ten international awards and counting. It's not a trick or magic, it's Luis Olmedo, the world champion of micro magic from Antequera, who has made headlines again, this time in the United States where he won the Fool Us show in Las Vegas. He took the prize for his close-up magic show with which he fooled two magic experts who star in the television programme, and he did it among 100 of the best illusionists on the planet.

The 34-year-old from Antequera adds Fool Us to his list of wins, after coming first in a television contest where magicians from all over the planet showcase their talent to two masters of magic, Penn and Teller. "The idea had been in my head for years and before the pandemic I was close to going, but it was cut short for the reasons we already know. After winning the World Championship, the production of the programme contacted me to invite me to go and so I signed up," Olmedo said.

The contest consists of tricking these two masters of magic, making it so special not even the experts themselves understand how the magician performs it.

"It's a wonderful, weird feeling. Because I had been following the show for nine seasons and being there was like being in a place I already knew. It's a fantastic feeling and I get to take home the trophy," Olmedo said.

His magic coins won the audience over and left Penn and Teller in disbelief. "It's an act similar to the one with which I won the World Championship in 2022, an act inspired by coins thrown into a fountain. They appear, disappear and move at my will. And that's as much as I can reveal," Olmedo said.

And how do you surprise two expert magicians? "At first they told me that they knew the classic effect that inspired my act, but then they told me that they didn't know how I pulled it off, so they gave me the award." Did they ask you how you do it? "Yes, and I told them that only Luis Olmedo knows how to do that."

Ten global awards

This is the tenth national and international recognition, including, of course, the World Micro Magic Championship in 2022.

In addition to the trophy, he receives a cash reward or a trip to Las Vegas. "The programme records magicians from all over the world, in which they spend four days in Las Vegas recording everything from interviews, rehearsals... to the performance in front of Penn and Teller." In each programme there are four magicians, but this season has been the longest in history and there were more than 100 magicians who competed for the prize that Luis Olmedo won.

It has been a stop on his ongoing tour around the globe, from the United States to France to England. He is also working on his new show, which he will launch in early 2025. In May he will return home for a few days.

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