Érika y Omar, con el pequeño Arón en brazos de la madre, acompañados por personal del Materno Infantil. SUR
Aarón, Malaga's first baby of 2023

Aarón, Malaga's first baby of 2023

The little boy came into the world at one minute past midnight on 1 January and his teenage parents were “over the moon”

MAtías Stuber

Monday, 2 January 2023


He was born to the sound of bells ringing in the New Year, and was the first baby born in Malaga province in 2023. Little Aarón came into the world at the Materno Infantil hospital in Malaga city at 12.01am, weighing 4.2 kilos. His parents, Érika Anaya, 17, and Omar Bravo, 19, who met at school five years ago, said they were “over the moon” with joy.

Aarón was not the only baby in Andalucía to be born one minute after midnight on 1 January: little Alejandro came into the world at exactly the same hour the Materno-Universitario hospital in Torrecárdenas, Almeria.

Meanwhile the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella did not have much longer to wait for its first arrival of the New Year. Little Sulaiman came into the world at 54 minutes past midnight, weighing 3.54 kilos and measuring 50 centimetres. His happy father, Aimar, showed his thanks to doctors, nurses and midwives with a song he posted on social media.

Rest of Andalucía

In Cadiz province, the first baby to arrive in 2023 was born at 12.45am, and was another boy, weighing 2.9 kilos.

In Cordoba, the first little girl of the year made her appearance at the Reina Sofia hospital at 5.48am. She has been named Sofia and as she was premature (born after 33 weeks of pregnancy) she weighed 1.9 kilos and was transferred to the neonatal unit.

Granada’s first baby of 2023 was another boy, Adrián, who arrived at the San Cecilio hospital at 3.03am, weighing 3.8 kilos.

The first baby to arrive in Huelva was at the Juan Ramón Jimenez hospital, clocking in at 12.57 under the name of Manuel and weighing 3.3 kilos.

And at Jaén hospital little Johnny Amador arrived at half past midnight, weighing 3.3 kilos.

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