Miriam and Aimar with the newborn Sulaiman, with some of the health staff who cared for them. SUR

Watch as proud dad sings viral tribute to Costa del Sol hospital midwives

Aimar wanted to thank the health staff who helped to deliver his son, the first baby to be born in Marbella in 2023

Joaquina Dueñas


Tuesday, 3 January 2023


While the streets of Marbella were filled with people celebrating New Year’s Eve on Saturday night, Miriam and Aimar welcomed their fourth child, Sulaiman, the first baby to be born this year at the Hospital Costa del Sol in Marbella. The boy was born at 12.54am, weighing 3.54 kilos and measuring 50 centimetres long.

An emotional Aimar dedicated a song to the midwives, doctors and nurses who were on duty that night, which he posted on his social networks and the song has since gone viral.

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"For all the doctors, nurses and midwives who, whatever day it is, are on the front line” he sings after saying: "Very good morning, families. I wish you a happy New Year, health, love and happiness. And I want you to give a big round of applause from your homes to these ladies and gentlemen who on the 31st, while you were out partying, have been here, bringing me my greatest gift of 2023, my baby Sulaiman", he said before starting to sing.

The father-of-four said he wanted to pay tribute to the health workers by bringing back the applause they received during the pandemic and recalling the work they do every day.

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