Torremolinos' Pasaje Begoña initiative will focus on respect for fundamental rights

Pasaje Begoña was once the hub of the town's liberal gay scene.
Pasaje Begoña was once the hub of the town's liberal gay scene. / TONY BRYANT
  • The iconic passageway in Torremolinos has been an example of sexual diversity since the 1960s

Torremolinos town hall has announced a joint project, along with the Pasaje Begoña Association, that is aimed at highlighting the importance of respecting gender and sexual diversity.

The initiative will offer guided tours of the historic Pasaje Begoña, an area that has been an example of affective-sexual diversity and the fight against LGBT phobia since the 1960s.

The project, which is aimed at youngsters from different social backgrounds, focuses on the respect for fundamental rights and presents solutions for coexistence, respect and diversity.

The tours will focus on the passageway and the surrounding streets that were once the centre of the town's liberal gay scene.

The initiative will provide historical information, photographs and documentation concerning the history of the LGBT collective in Spain, from the repressive era of Franco's dictatorship to the present day.

President of the Pasaje Begoña Association Jorge Martín said, "Young people are agents of social change and they have the full right to live their sexuality and gender in freedom."