Dolores Vázquez gives up on compensation claim, 20 years after Rocío Wanninkhof murder

Vázquez in 2004 after the case against her was dropped.
Vázquez in 2004 after the case against her was dropped. / S. SALAS
  • The estranged lover of the mother of the 19-year-old murdered in Mijas in 1999 spent 519 days behind bars for a crime committed by Tony King

Wednesday marked twenty years since the disappearance of 19-year-old Rocío Wanninkhof who went missing on her way home from her boyfriend's house in Mijas. This sparked one of the most high-profile media circuses in Spanish history and resulted in the conviction of Dolores Vázquez, the estranged lover of Wanninkhof's mother, Alicia Hornos.

She served 519 days behind bars until DNA evidence tied Tony King to the murder of Wanninkhof, as well as Sonia Carabantes in Coín in 2003.

This miscarriage of justice is considered one of the biggest in Spanish history. In 2008, the Ministry of Justice recognised the error and proposed compensation of 120,000 euros - well short of the four million demanded by Vázquez.

A fee was never agreed and now Vázquez has dropped the case, still without having received an apology.