Approval given for the construction of a new hotel in the centre of La Cala de Mijas

  • Creating new spaces for hotels is a main aim of the council's General Plan as tourism is "the biggest economic driver for our town"

Following a year in the pipeline, approval has finally been given to a detail study for the construction of a hotel in the centre of La Cala de Mijas.

Councillor for Urban Planning Andrés Ruiz announced that the council had given the green light for a 20-room hotel, no taller than 12.5 metres, on Calle Tolox.

Ruiz said: "As part of our General Plan, we have committed to locating plots of land such as these for hotel use; this can give a major boost to the local economy."

Promoters Duncoles SL will invest approximately 400,000 euros in the 170 square metres of land.

"Being able to increase our hotel offering is always good news," added Ruiz, "because tourism is the biggest economic driver for our town."

This news comes in addition to that of just a couple of months ago when it was announced that Mijas Pueblo will soon be home to a new aparthotel in the heart of the town, in a building dating back to 1840 on Plaza de la Constitución.

This 354,000-euro investment will see the creation of four tourist apartments, one home and two commercial premises.