Venus of Marbella to get new eye-catching home off the paseo

A recreation of how the sculpture would look.
A recreation of how the sculpture would look. / SUR
  • The sculpture of a woman waterskiing was relocated from a similar position in the 1990s, and now only the regional government's OK is needed for the move

The national government's Coasts authority has given the go-ahead for a well-known sculpture in Marbella to get a new eye-catching home.

The town hall wants to move the sculpture, know as the Venus of Marbella, from its current location by the tourist office on the seafront, onto the spit going out to sea by the Faro lighthouse. A local group campaigning for the spit to become a more pleasant public space has been asking for the statue to be showcased there.

Now the Coasts authority has said yes, the council needs to wait for the regional ministry for the Environment's approval for the move, which is expected shortly.

The sculpture is of a woman waterskiing and the plan is to place it in a 53-square-metre ellipse of water, at an angle to simulate speed. It would be illuminated at night and the spray of water from behind the ski that it originally had will make a return.

The three-metre-long sculpture, by Francisco López Burgos and unveiled in 1972, was once on another spit at nearby La Venus beach, but when this was removed in the 1990s, it was placed back on land.

The new location is designed to give more fluidity and less rigidity to the sculpture, said architects.