Top local speciality olive oil maker starts selling in Middle East

Víctor Pérez heads the team behind Finca La Torre's success.
Víctor Pérez heads the team behind Finca La Torre's success. / A. P.
  • Antequera-based Finca La Torre currently exports to 25 countries and has tripled its sales in three years

An award-winning producer of high-quality olive oils from inland Malaga province has just sent its first consignment to customers in the United Arab Emirates.

Finca La Torre, based in Bobadilla in the municipality of Antequera, has won a prize for four consecutive years at national awards for food produce organised by the Spanish government and already sells its extra virgin oil label to 25 countries, including Britain, Germany and the United States.

The move into the UAE is seen as significant for the small-scale producer. Commercial director Borja Adrián said: “The Middle East is a very attractive market and has interesting potential as they recognise and value greatly the purity and sensory properties of our oils. For us it's a new area of business and we are very excited with our entry there.”

Finca La Torre produces between 80,000 and 100,000 litres of oil a year and has increased its sales income from 400,000 euros a year in 2014 to around 950,000 in 2017.

“In 2018 we have budgeted on 1.2 million euros, a steady growth as the customers come to trust us more,” added Adrián. He went on to explain that in 2014 hardly 2,000 litres of oil packaged in bottles for the end consumer was sold, whereas this year they hope to sell 45,000 litres that way, some 50 per cent of the production.

The producer, which is owned by a Swiss company, is run by agricultural engineer Víctor Pérez and grows its olive crop on some 33,000 trees. The harvest is normally in October finishing a month later, when the olive is at its greenest and freshest.