"Trends in Crypto Markets" event held at The Pool Marbella
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"Trends in Crypto Markets" event held at The Pool Marbella

Wednesday, 27 March 2024, 11:53


On March 19, The Pool Marbella hosted a prominent event on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology titled "Trends in Crypto Markets." The event featured the participation of distinguished national and international panellists, as well as an audience composed of enthusiasts and professionals from the sector.

Among the distinguished speakers were Juan Jiménez Zaballos, Javier García de la Torre, Amira Bouguera, Darren Carvalho, Alberto G. Toribio, Javier Molina Jordà, and Vicente Ortiz. Sponsored by A&G represented by Javier Baquero Mazars, Ruben Ayuso Morales, along with Román González Torres.

During the event, various topics relevant to the cryptocurrency industry in 2024 were addressed. Vicente Ortiz, responsible for blockchain and crypto assets at The Pool, expressed optimism regarding the outlook for digital assets this year in the current macroeconomic context.

Some highlighted aspects of the interventions included:

Reflections on the current macroeconomic situation and its impact on digital assets, such as the significant growth of Bitcoin ETFs and their comparison with gold performance.

Analysis of the upcoming Bitcoin halving and its implications for the cryptocurrency's supply.

Discussion on the role of financial institutions and ETFs in the crypto asset market.

How cryptocurrencies can be incorporated into a regulated investment process from the perspective of independent private banking at A&G, innovating with the A&G Criptomonedas FIL hedge fund, the world's first launched by a bank to invest in cryptocurrencies and their ecosystem.

Exploration of use cases and opportunities in the field of digital payments, both in consumer-to-business transactions and in corporate flows and remittances.

Considerations on the evolution of stablecoins, CBDCs, and tokenized deposits, and their potential impact on the global financial landscape.

The event was an invaluable platform for the exchange of ideas and perspectives among industry experts and enthusiasts. Furthermore, it offered a unique opportunity to explore emerging trends such as decentralized social networks and tokenization of real estate assets, in collaboration with Metawealth.

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