St George's Church, Malaga. / SUR

Priest aspires to create 'societal meeting point'

Father Louis has visions of turning St George's into a cultural centre to bring people together

Tony Bryant

Father Louis Darrant, who has been the priest at St George's since 2020, has visions of turning the church and the cemetery into a cultural centre, a place where people can enjoy the "magnificent artistic scene" that Malaga offers. He says that he wants to do "something special" regarding music, as he feels that this would be a good way to get the expat and Spanish communities involved with the church.

Father Louis believes that the transformation of the church has come about because of the "development of its musical life".

"The idea is to bring the local community together for conversation and to create connections of friendship: music is one of the ways that you can do this," Father Louis told SUR in English.

One of his aims is to form his own church choir that concentrates on the English choral tradition of composers like William Byrd and Thomas Tallis.

"I am at the stage now where I want to put my energy into creating a choir that will offer a slightly different repertoire from the other choirs that are active along the Costa del Sol. This will be a choir that will support the worship of the church, and also offer concerts as part of the cultural agenda of St George's," he explained.

Father Louis is appealing for potential members for his new choir, whether seasoned choral performers or novices; he also needs a musical director to help his dream become a reality.

The culturally aware clergyman feels that his church should be a "societal meeting point" for people from different backgrounds that "will bring together people of faith and those who do not identify as being people of faith".