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Hyperbaric Oxygenation: the Solution for Fatigue and Stress

Hyperbaric Oxygenation: the Solution for Fatigue and Stress

Wednesday, 1 December 2021, 17:26


Hyperbaric oxygenation is a medical speciality that consists in breathing pure oxygen, at a higher pressure than the atmosphere, allowing 20 times more oxygen to be absorbed by the lungs and dissolved into the blood.

Hyperbaric Oxygenation can help patients who are feeling tired, irretible, drained or bunt out. In autumn, with nights drawing in, these conditions can be exacerbated. Pure oxygen helps boost the immune system, reduce stress and tiredness and improve general wellbeing.

Lack of sleep, stress, anxiety and even concentration problems can also be treated with oxygen. Pain, due to arthritis, osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia, can be eased by hyperbaric treatments.

In addition, hyperbaric oxygenation works effectively in three main areas of sports medicine: to help with training programmes; when athletes have over-trained and when they have injured themselves. “With any injury, sports or otherwise, hyperbaric oxygenation accelerates the healing process,” explains Rafael Sánchez, the centre’s medical director.

If caught in time, pure oxygen can avoid amputations in the case of severe diabetic foot; and ulcers show a visible improvement after varios sessions.

One of the lesser known applications of hyperbaric therapy is the treatment of patients with neurological damage. Hyperbaric oxygenation reduces rigidity and musclar spasticity and eases pain, as well as increasing patient’s independence and quality of life. It can be especially benefical in the case of a stroke, brain tumour or heart attack. For this reason, Estepona Hyperbaric Medical Clinic is an international benchmark centre for Child Cerebral Paralysis and Neurological Damage. Special Vouchers - Give wellbeing this Christmas - 3 sessions 399€.

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