Your health insurance in Spain, closer to you

Your health insurance in Spain, closer to you

Monday, 12 February 2024


People are, by nature, social creatures. We need to feel accompanied, create bonds and interact with others. Closeness is fundamental in all areas of our lives, but it's especially important when our health is affected.

For this reason, when choosing a health insurance provider, it's vital to make sure the staff are approachable and treat their policyholders as individuals, as this will make all the difference.

At ASSSA, a Health Insurance Company specialised in expats, they put great care in every detail, such us the communication and the way they treat policyholders and applicants so that it can always be of highest quality. For that reason, they have a customer service team comprised of well-trained, empathetic and multilingual people who identify with values like vocation and commitment.

Warmth and individualised professional attention are their hallmarks for a better Health care. Thus, they have a wide network of offices in a number of locations within Spain and they place great emphasis on the personal relationship with their Policyholders. From the outset, they assign a contact person to their clients to help them with all the procedures and resolve their queries with complete transparency, both when they contract their insurance and when they use its various services.

Along with this and in order that the medical assistance can be excellent, they have an extensive Medical Directory, dedicated to the Health care and formed by excellent doctors, clinics with advanced technology and international hospitals which make an effort to get to a diagnosis and treatment as quickly and accurately as possible.

Plus, to bring closer to everyone, even people of different nationalities, ASSSA Health Insurance has its website translated into different languages and meets all the requirements needed to get the Visa or Residency in Spain. Also, they have a large number of medical centres providing multilingual care and translation services, which means communication is fluent and without language barriers.

All this is possible thanks to its more than 80 years of experience in the Health insurance field and its constant efforts to ensure that their Policyholders always feel protected and well supported.

With ASSSA, closeness and professionalism for the Health care in Spain.


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