The performers of the new theatrical group are preparing for their debut production in Mijas next month. SUR.
Creating a sense of community with the performing arts

Creating a sense of community with the performing arts

International Theatres Costa del Sol is a new English language company dedicated to producing classic and contemporary theatre

Friday, 24 March 2023, 12:41


A recently founded theatrical group is aiming to bring an alternative style of cultural entertainment to the coast. International Theatres Costa del Sol is an English language group that was founded by former stage actor Natalina Bramstead. The company is dedicated to producing classic and contemporary plays, musicals, and other forms of theatre.

Currently consisting of Danish, English and Spanish performers, the group is preparing for its debut performance, which will take place in the Danish Centre in Mijas next month.

Natalina, a Danish national who has lived in Fuengirola since 2010, came up with the idea in order to expand the Costa's cultural appeal, and also because of her lifelong love of the theatre.

"When I was younger, I used to perform a lot of theatre in Denmark, and I also worked in event management. My two children also love to be on stage, so this is why I decided to form an international theatre group," Natalina explained to SUR in English.

The group consists of around 14 performers (although it is hoping to expand), plus backstage hands and a sound engineer.

Although the company's first performance will be a trip through West End and Broadway musicals, Natalina intends to write her own productions in order to offer the theatre-going public something a little different.

"Our company also has its own writers and composers, so we will also be presenting our own shows in the future. In fact, most of our performances will be our own material," she declared.

Alternative aspect

In order to add an alternative aspect to their shows, each performance will be presented by the group's "penguin-style compère", Lord Pingu. This role will be performed by Alan Boardman, a former board member of the Salón Varietès Theatre who will introduce the shows dressed in top hat and tails, and orange shoes.

In addition to producing good stage productions, International Theatres aims to make theatre accessible to everyone in the community. Natalina has pledged to offer affordable ticket prices, and she also plans to work with local schools to introduce young people to the world of theatre.

"The opening night will be an exciting showcase of the company's talent and vision for the future of theatre in the region. We have a passion for the performing arts and believe that theatre has the power to bring people together and create a sense of community. We are committed to showcasing international talent and exploring different cultures and perspectives through our productions," Natalina concluded.

Those wishing to join the company should visit the group's Facebook page.

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