Embracing electropop culture

British singer Alan Dreezer is getting ready for the release of his second solo CD in September.
British singer Alan Dreezer is getting ready for the release of his second solo CD in September. / SUR
  • Mijas-based singer and composer Alan Dreezer began his career on the 1980s UK pop scene and today his music continues to promote this nostalgic era

The British music scene of the 1980s was one of the most magical times in the history of pop music and numerous bands that cut their teeth during this period went on to become some of the biggest artists in the world. Many of these are still at the forefront of today's music scene, while the music of those that have disappeared is constantly reproduced by tribute acts that refuse to let this era fade.

Alan Dreezer, a British singer and composer who now lives in Mijas, is one person who grew up during the '80s. He became so engrossed in the new wave music scene that he soon realised that this was what he wanted to do. However, he decided that he would not become just another tribute singer: instead, he used his influences of the '80s and his incredible vocal talents to create his own unique style of synth-pop music.

Born in Chelmsford, Essex, in 1964, Alan's journey into the world of music began in 1982 when he formed a duo with a childhood friend, and they soon began to get noticed. The band were signed to a management company and were invited to go on tour with one of the first boy bands. However, the road to success soon came to a halt.

"It all started at school when me and a friend formed a duo. After a few years we signed a management deal and were invited to do a tour with Brother Beyond. For one reason or another, that was as close to real success that we ever got, because our band dissolved a year later," Alan told SUR in English.

After the band split, Alan put his music on hold and went to work for a major electronics retailer. He also got married and had a family, so there was little time to pursue his passion for music.

Personal tragedy

In 2006, Alan decided to reignite his musical career. He began working on new songs with Russell Aylett, his former song writing partner, but the project was derailed following his partner's tragic death.

"I decided to give music another go at the beginning of 2006. I started working on some solo material with Russell but scrapped the project following his shocking murder. My best friend's passing hit me hard and making music seemed insignificant for years," he said.

In late 2010, after much persuasion, Alan reluctantly joined a covers band, but the project was short lived. It was at this time that he decided to concentrate on a solo career. After several years working on his own compositions, he went into the studio in 2017 to record London E12, his first solo CD.

"I was a kind of frustrated musician. I began travelling the UK gigging with a covers band. This was more rock based and this was not really my scene, so I decided to go into a studio and work on a solo project. I was working harder at my writing than ever before and was also learning more and more about marketing and promotion. This was everything that I always wanted to do and the result was my first solo album," the mild-mannered singer explained.

Change of scenery

The following year, Alan decided to visit Spain with the idea of living here for part of the year in order to concentrate on his musical career. He eventually settled in Mijas in April 2019. He soon fell in love with the area and even used the province to shoot some promotional videos.

However, the pandemic derailed many of Alan's plans to honour live performance commitments in the UK, but it did give him the opportunity to finish working on the songs for his second CD, Healed, which will be released on the 21 September.

Alan's music has a very '80s feel and this is something that he has strived to achieve as he believes that the magical music of this era still has a place on today's music scene.

"My music is difficult to describe, because I don't like to stick to one genre. I am a massive George Michael and Tony Hadley fan, so they have been a big influence in the writing side. When you grow up with this it almost becomes part of your DNA," the singer concluded.