New process introduced to get a flu jab in Andalucía this winter

A woman is given the flu vaccine.
A woman is given the flu vaccine. / Ñito Salas
  • The option to book one through SaludResponde or ClicSalud has been removed so that GPs can prioritise cases with the greatest need

The Andalusian Health Service has changed the way people can request a flu vaccine: this can no longer be done via the Salud Responde app or on the ClicSalud+ website. The reason is that both systems will give an appointment but they cannot tell whether the person asking for the flu jab is in a risk group for under-65s or not. It was decided to make the change to ensure that health centres do not run out of doses for the patients who most need them. Many people who tried to book a flu jab through SaludResponde or ClicSalud were surprised to find the option was no longer available as there had been no announcement that it was to be discontinued.

It means that now, if someone wants a flu jab, they have to book a phone call with their GP and explain the reason why. The doctor will then decide whether they are eligible to have the vaccine yet or not, based on their medical history. This year, because of the coronavirus epidemic, more people are aware of the situation and want to be vaccinated against the flu, and it is essential that supplies do not run out. The health service has ordered a large number of doses in total, but the manufacturing process takes time. Sources say as soon as there are enough supplies everyone who wants a jab will have one.