Bernándo Vázquez with some of his pieces.
The flea market with genuine antiques

The flea market with genuine antiques

Every Saturday, the market in Puerto Banús has various antique stalls. Some pieces are three hundred years old


Monday, 17 September 2018, 11:28

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The Puerto Banús market is practically one of a kind. Alongside the usual items found in any market, there are also authentic antiques, some more than two centuries old and valued at several thousands of euros.

Just down the stairs that lead to the central area of the market, one of the first stalls is that belonging to Leonor Serrano.

Besides various Granada ceramics, Serrano has a striking French ecclesiastical cloak from the eighteenth century.

"It is in perfect condition, which is very difficult to find," she explains. Given its age and its state of preservation, this piece could fetch 4,000 euros.

Something else that can be discovered in this unique market is that you do not need to opt for a Rolex to spend a fortune on time keeping. Israel Moreno, who is here for the first time this year, has an imposing table clock carved in bronze, with two decorative candelabras on his stall.

The complete set would set you back 3,500 euros. And although it is two centuries old, the clock still works.

Most expensive pieces

Leaning against the facade of the bullring, Bernardo Vázquez has two wooden pieces among his valuable antiques.

One, is a fragment of a sixteenth-century altarpiece by the Flemish school. "Because of the level of detail, it can be attributed to a great teacher," he says.

Next to the altarpiece rests a triptych in walnut from the same period. Each of these unique pieces can reach 14,000 or 15,000 euros.

A few metres away, on the stall of another antique dealer, are what are probably the two most valuable products in the whole market, each worth around 20,000 euros.

The first is a marble sculpture a metre-and-a-half high of a woman from an Arab legend, and the other, a ceramic vase from around 1920.

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