Having a (not so) smashing time

Clear up broken glass with great care and dispose of the shards diligently


Friday, 19 January 2018, 13:12


Did you have a smashing time? - this is what I was asked when a friend enquired about my festive season.

Well I did, but not in the way he intended. The expensive glassware which we reserve for special occasions is sadly depleted.

This was largely due to my clumsy lack of attention, possibly aided by a gin and tonic too many and also a very waggy tail attached to a happy, black labrador.

Our glass collection was my pride and joy.

This is because it was a farewell gift when I left my employers after many years from a friend who was the son of an internationally-famous glassware company owner.

Now all that remains is a decanter, spared because it is rarely used.

The loss was bad enough but the consequences could have been worse as the dog and cats became fascinated by the disaster scene and had to be locked up while the shards of glass were swept up.

I did a painstakingly thorough job and placed all the debris into a plastic bag. It was only when I walked into an adjoining room next day and heard a crunch that I realised my efforts were not all that thorough.

Pushing back an armchair in the lounge revealed yet another escapee. How could it have travelled that far?

Broken glass is something which pet owners should be acutely aware of.

Pets are curious and seek out something which suddenly appears, especially if it causes a commotion with humans.

They paw it and sniff it, even bite it and all these actions are very dangerous and may result in the need for veterinary attention.

As they are closer to the floor they will seek out glass which has escaped the human eye.

Disposal of broken glass also needs careful attention.

Putting it into household garbage from the kitchen is dangerous. Feral dogs and cats, hungry for food, scavenge the dumps and will eat anything which is there, including the glass pieces.

No one wants to cause suffering to such animals which have suffered enough.

The best place for glass fragments is the glass disposal bins which are green and found at roadside disposal points.

The glass is recycled and kept well away from animals.

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