Update given on sewerage improvements on the Rock

Update given on sewerage improvements on the Rock

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The government has updated its plan for much-needed sewage disposal solutions


Friday, 9 December 2022, 11:23

GIBRALTAR. The government in Gibraltar has been giving an update on its plan to repair and improve the sewerage as the Rock's population continues to grow in the coming years

Minister's have spent some £10 million in the last 10 years, although raw sewage is still being discharged at sea.

The government has recognised that the planned wastewater treatment plant has been delayed, despite it being a manifesto commitment. The firm originally awarded preferred-bidder status went into liquidation.

A new procurement process is getting under way and ministers say they are open to another location for the plant to the proposed one being considered.

Works carried out this year have focused on maintaining existing infrastructure instead, as well as tackling long-standing problems, targeting areas prone to flooding and cleaning gullies.


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