New regulations now in force when drivers overtake cyclists in Gibraltar

So many drivers were failing to comply with the rules that a space of 1.5 metres must now be left between the vehicle and the cyclist

Debbie Bartlett

Anyone who drives a vehicle in Gibraltar should be aware that new regulations have been introduced regarding the way cyclists can be overtaken on the roads.

Until now, as Gibraltar's roads tend to be narrow, drivers have been able to overtake cyclists at the maximum speed permitted on that stretch of road as long as no vehicles were approaching in the opposite direction. However, there have been several incidents in which drivers have overtaken even when a vehicle was coming in the opposite direction, and have been too close to the cyclists, forcing them to the edge of the road with very little space to ensure their safety.

Transport minister Paul Balban has said that drivers must now leave a 1.5 metre space between their vehicle and a cyclist when passing them, and anyone who fails to comply faces a £300 fine.

"Dangerous overtaking is one of the most frequent causes of injury amongst cyclists in many countries. These new regulations aim to reduce the number of potential serious injuries amongst all road users. Cyclists are amongst the most vulnerable and it is therefore imperative that we protect them," he said.