Copies of the updated version will be available online or in book form. / SUR

Gibraltar's Highway Code reviewed and updated

The latest edition shows a change in road use ideology and leans towards a more people-based approach


The government has reviewed the local Highway Code and some changes are to be incorporated. Although the Code applies to road safety in Gibraltar it also includes information about traffic signs, road situations and advice that may be relevant for anyone who crosses the border into Spain.

The biggest change will be the introduction of a 'hierarchy of road users', so that those who can do the greatest damage would bear the greatest share of responsibility in ensuring safety on the road.

The HighwayCode will also contain guidance for speed and distance when overtaking cyclists and now pedestrians will have right of way over traffic while waiting to cross roads at junctions in future, instead of just while they are crossing. Copies of the updated Code will be available online or cost £10 from the DVLC in Gibraltar.