E-scooters: police will start issuing fines on 13 February. SUR
New e-scooter regulations are now in force in Gibraltar

New e-scooter regulations are now in force in Gibraltar

At the moment warnings are being issued but after 13 February fixed penalty notices will be given

Debbie Bartlett

Friday, 3 February 2023, 12:04


New legislation regarding the use of e-scooters in Gibraltar came into force on 26 January and anyone who fails to comply could face a £300 fine.

Police officers are distributing leaflets in English and Spanish to e-scooter riders who cross the border into Gibraltar, and at different places in the town, to ensure that they are aware of the rules.

The main points of the new regulations are that nobody under the age of 17 may legally ride an e-scooter and all riders must wear a securely fastened helmet; these personal mobility vehicles can only be used on roads, never on pavements or in pedestrian areas; the e-scooter must have lights front and back and must not have been modified to travel at more than 25 kilometres an hour; and e-scooter riders must not carry a pillion passenger or tow another person.

At present the police are just making riders aware of the rules, but after 13 February they will start issuing Fixed Penalty Notices to anyone who disregards them.


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