Ministers want people to enjoy Gibraltar's green spaces. VISIT GIBRALTAR
Don't drive in Gibraltar: walk or cycle, new strategy urges

Don't drive in Gibraltar: walk or cycle, new strategy urges

The government of Gibraltar wants to enhance pedestrian areas and introduce cycle infrastructure

Debbie Bartlett

Friday, 20 January 2023


It is called the Gibraltar Active Travel Strategy (GATS) and it aims to encourage people to leave their vehicles at home and walk or cycle instead. Announcing the plan this week, the government said it wants to create further opportunities for locals and tourists to enjoy and appreciate Gibraltar's public spaces by enhancing pedestrian areas and introducing cycle infrastructure to get people where they need to go quickly, or simply to exercise safely.

Walking and cycling "are the most sustainable and healthy ways of travelling", it said.

Details of the strategy can be found on the Government of Gibraltar website and feedback about the idea is welcome: a special email ( has been set up for people to say what they think and to suggest changes or improvements.

Minister for Transport, Paul Balban, said he was excited about the plan to make Gibraltar a greener and more liveable city, providing people with "better, safer, healthier and environmentally greener surroundings".




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