Affected beaches have been cleaned of oil by hand. SUR
Clean-up under way after more oil spills from the OS 35

Clean-up under way after more oil spills from the OS 35

The Port has suspended all bunkering operations to focus resources on current efforts


Friday, 23 September 2022, 14:27


Efforts are continuing to deal with oil which is coming from the OS 35 bulk carrier and the Port has suspended all bunkering operations for the time being to assign resources to the clean-up.

The ship, which was beached 700 metres off Catalan Bay after a collision, was settled further onto the seabed in preparation for heavy sea swells which had been forecast last Sunday and Monday. Experts decided that was the best course of action for the vessel, as the hull has broken but is not completely split in two, but warned that the residual fuel which it had not been possible to pump out could spill under these weather conditions.

A cleaning operation is under way at Seven Sisters, which was badly soiled by the oil, and at Eastern Beach which was also affected. There was little impact to Gibraltar's other beaches, and any oil on those has now been removed.

With regard to free-floating oil, the Gibraltarian and Spanish authorities are working closely together to contain this and Spanish vessels are helping to prevent oil spreading to the coastline of Spain and into the Bay.

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