Governor praises Gibraltarian unity and harmony in his televised Christmas message

The Governor of Gibraltar.
The Governor of Gibraltar. / SUR
  • The governor said he had felt humbled in the past year by the unity of purpose and compassion of 'Team Gibraltar'

In his Christmas message this year the Governor of Gibraltar, Lieutenant-General Edward Davis, reflected upon the unity and harmonious coexistence among people on the Rock. “My thoughts gravitate, as ever, to the power of Gibraltar's inclusive, respectful and generous multi-faith and multicultural Community. It is something wonderfully reassuring and uplifting to be a part of; and something that must not go unheralded, as I believe it offers an enlightening example of what makes a positive difference to our beautiful yet troubled world - unity,” he said.

“The source of the power of Gibraltarianness became vividly apparent to me during this year's National Day Celebrations when we commemorated the brave and inspired Referendum Generation of struck me that Gibraltarianness draws its power from its respected and celebrated heritage. A heritage that is inclusive and reconcilable. A heritage that gives Gibraltar its identity, its belief and its ambition.”

His Excellency went on to say that in the past year there have been many times when he had felt humbled by the power of Team Gibraltar's unity of purpose and compassion, but he especially highlighted Gibraltar's “extraordinary contribution” to the UK's response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria, which devastated huge swathes of the Caribbean. This ranged from the Gibraltar government's donation of ten all-terrain vehicles, to three days of non-stop harbour and airport operations, the provision of food and building materials by the Rock's business community, and the collection of clothes by local Scouts.

“Everybody did their bit,” he said, “because Gibraltar knows, through shared experience, that the only way you get through hard times is to stand together. Misfortune may befall everybody; but good fortune favours a Community that thinks of the collective before the individual.”

The governor also paid tribute to army, police and medical personnel.