Phoenix College, the only sixth form college in Andalusia

Phoenix College, the only sixth form college in Andalusia
  • At this official British college, accredited by Edexcal and UCAS, pupils can study and prepare for entry to universities all over the world without leaving Málaga

A little bit of the UK in the very heart of Málaga. That’s what pupils will find at Phoenix College, the only sixth form college in Andalusia where they can finish off their secondary studies and prepare for entry to the best universities.

Phoenix College, the only sixth form college in Andalusia

Phoenix College opened during the last academic year and benefits from a team of teachers who each have more than 25 years of experience in the sector. James Riley, Kirsty Ridyard and Alex Mitchell, co-founders of the College, are graduates from Durham, Oxford and Trinity College Dublin Universities respectively and have created an academic curriculum which is especially aimed at preparing pupils for entry to the most prestigious universities both in the UK and in Spain or many other parts of the world. As History and Social Sciences teacher Mr. Riley explains, “Due to the type of education we offer, our centre is ‘a bridge’ for the students between a normal secondary school and university. We prepare the pupils on many levels, not just academically. We seek to help them develop skills and abilities that they will find very useful in the future.” As well as being an Edexcel approved centre for exams.

Phoenix College is also accredited by UCAS and provides an assessment and orientation service with excellent results. This year some of the youngsters are considering options such as Oxford or Cambridge Universities.

Phoenix College, the only sixth form college in Andalusia

A comprehensive education

In accordance with the centre’s comprehensive education philosophy, as well as the typical British subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology History, Geography, Politics, Spanish and Further Mathematics) and the optional Spanish PCE (Selectividad) subjects for pupils who may wish to study at a Spanish university (Matemáticas científicas, Física, Química, Biología, Matemáticas aplicadas a Ciencias Sociales y Economía de empresas), the school offers complementary subjects such as Business, IT and Law.

The aim of all this is to increase students’ knowledge and provide them with the greatest academic credentials possible with a view to continuing their studies. Phoenix College also has a programme of activities to target the youngsters’ personal development outside the classroom. Through this project, the pupils take on different challenges (personal, cultural and social) which range from reading books to carrying out volunteering tasks or learning to play a musical instrument, among many other activities. The centre also has its own choir and a debating team that competes in different international competitions and there are frequent outings and trips to places of interest. “With all these options we aim to get the boys and girls out of their comfort zones and allow them to test themselves and discover everything they’re capable of achieving in different areas,” a school spokesperson explains.

Phoenix College, the only sixth form college in Andalusia

An excellent team for a project of excellence

Part of Phoenix College’s success is down to its teachers, who as well as the above mentioned extensive and prestigious background in the teaching sector also stand out for their vocation and commitment to education. “We believe teaching is a gift. The best part of our job is to be in the classroom with the pupils because they learn from us, but we learn from them too,” Chemistry and Biology teacher Kirsty Ridyard explains.

The centre is beside La Plaza de Uncibay, just 20 minutes from the train station and 10 minutes from the bus station. It is also very close to the motorway and there are multiple public carparks nearby. There are a range of classrooms for lessons including a fully equipped laboratory, a patio and common room for breaks and pupils have free use of the kitchen.

To discover more about the College, those interested can get in touch by telephone (952 22 02 75), online ( or in person. “We encourage parents to come to the College, have a look at the facilities and find out about our academic options, because we believe it is fundamental to match the students’ needs to what we have to offer,” Ridyard points out.


Phoenix College

Calle Méndez Núñez, 5, 1D, 29008 Málaga

Telephone: 952 22 02 75.