Weather change on its way to south of Spain: Met Office forecasts 'short but strong' thunderstorms

Weather change on its way to south of Spain: Met Office forecasts 'short but strong' thunderstorms

The instability will continue into the weekend, when a new front is expected to move "from west to east across the Andalucía region", leaving rain in its wake



Monday, 22 April 2024, 14:22


Most of the Andalucía region will begin the week with temperatures "relatively" above average for the time of year, however, at the weekend they will drop by three to four degrees, so the thermometers will mark temperatures "slightly" below the usual during the last few days of April. On the other hand, cloudy skies will prevail in general, although the arrival of a low intensity front is expected from the weekend onwards.

The delegate of Spain's Met Office (Aemet) in Andalucía, Juan de Dios del Pino, has told Europa Press that temperatures will remain little changed at the beginning of the week in relation to the current situation, although between Friday and Saturday there will be a decrease in them. However, the Costa del Sol will follow the opposite trend, with higher temperatures in the final days of the month.

Similarly, Del Pino explained that, for this Monday, clouds of "diurnal evolution" may form during the afternoon in the Betic mountain ranges, where there is a possibility of rain showers - accompanied by thunderstorms, which may be "short but strong" strong in the eastern end of these ranges. In the latter areas, rain and thunderstorms may also be recorded on Tuesday afternoon, although to a lesser extent.

In the rest of the region, cloudy skies are expected until Friday, although some intervals of high clouds are not ruled out.

However, from Saturday onwards, the arrival of a "not very active" front is forecast, which will move from west to east across Andalucía, leaving light to moderate rainfall, while on Sunday the possibility of some "scattered" rain is not ruled out.

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