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Suffocating dog saved after it fell from a balcony still attached to its leash

The terrified animal was supported by two women until firefighters arrived on the scene to safely lift it back into the property in Granada


Two women neighbours and members of the fire brigade in Granada helped save a suffocating dog that was hanging by the neck from its own leash, after it fell from the balcony of a first-floor property in the city.

The alarm was raised on Wednesday, 10 November, in the popular Zaidín district on the city, when the animal was alone in the home, restrained on a long rope. The neighbours supported the animal, to prevent it from dying, until the emergency services arrived on the scene.

The incident happened at around 9.30am in the morning said Juan Jesús Barquero, the fire officer in charge of the operation. “We found two women holding the animal by the hindquarters. The dog was hanging from a rope leash and a chain, and making quite a fuss,” said Barquero.

“These women are really the ones who saved him. If it hadn't been for them, the worst would probably have happened to the dog,” says the fire officer.

The firefighters notified the police to access the home and check the situation inside. They concluded that the dog had fallen "accidentally".

“There was a sofa and, behind it, the open window. The brigade said there was another dog in another room of the property. “The dogs were in very good condition, they had their food and water, and also they looked very clean and well behaved. The apartment was also clean and very tidy," said Barquero. "It is not a case of animal abuse or mistreatment, otherwise we would have acted,” he concluded.