Shocking 300% increase in kidnappings revealed in latest crime stats for Andalucía

Shocking 300% increase in kidnappings revealed in latest crime stats for Andalucía

The latest figures for the region show the overall crime rate increased by 10% during the first quarter of the year

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Wednesday, 2 August 2023, 17:37


Andalucía has recorded a 10% increase in the crime rate during the first quarter of 2023, compared to last year, with 97,595 offences committed against the 88,284 crimes in 2022, according to the data from the Ministry of the Interior, consulted by Europa Press.

One of the most shocking rises is that related to kidnappings, which has seen an increase of 300% after twelve cases in the region. The data also shows that conventional crime (not including cybercrime) has increased by 6.8% during this period with 79,848 cases.

Homicides and murder cases have also risen by 57.1%, or 22 cases compared to the 14 cases in the previous year's quarter. And, attempted homicides and murders have increased by 15.8% in Andalucía.

Sexual crimes have risen by 22.5% in the first quarter of 2023 compared to last year. Of these sexual assault with penetration has increased by 7.6% with 127 cases in 2023 compared to 118 in 2023.

The only data that does not show an upward trend are those related to robberies with violence and intimidation and drug trafficking, both with a decrease of 1.2% with 1,763 and 1,125 cases respectively.

Finally, one of the most striking aspects of the figures released are in relation to cybercrime. These have increased by 31.3% during this first quarter with 17,747 offences compared to 13,515 the previous year.

Worryingly, computer fraud has seen a growth of 35.6% in Andalucía with 15,720 offences compared to 11,590 in 2022.

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