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Website to apply for Andalucía rental grants collapses on first day of operation

Up to 14,000 young people will benefit from a Junta grant of 250 euros a month towards their rent for up to two years, if their application is successful


A website where young people can apply for grants towards their rent collapsed at 9am on Monday, the first day that applications could be made. The Andalusian government is funding this system with 68.4 million euros, and it provides a grant of 250 euros a month for up to two years for 14,000 young people.

The president of the Youth Council of Andalucía, Daniel Valdivia, said the situation was regrettable. “Sometimes the website works, sometimes it doesn’t, and that is creating uncertainty and tension for those trying to apply,” he said. “It makes the selection unfair and we have asked for the criteria to be changed”.

Valdivia pointed out that people who had tried to apply for the grant but were unable to do so because of technical problems with the website were in legal limbo, because the selection is on a first-come, first-served basis.

His association also believes the system should be means tested, because some applicants will be more in need of financial help than others. Applications may be made until 3pm on 14 February 2023 or until 14,000 have been received, whichever is sooner.

The Youth Council had already warned that this website collapse might happen, because there have been precedents with other types of grant. On the social media site Twitter, it has offered to collate people’s complaints and send them to the Junta.

"Another insult for young people"

It has also blamed a series of factors for the problem: “a year of waiting, a bureaucratic maze, an unfair selection process and a system that then collapses is another insult for young people in Andalucía,” Valdivia said.

The Junta’s Minister for Development, Marifrán Carazo, said in a statement that the online process aims to make applications simpler for young people, and explained that payments will be backdated to 1 January 2022.

To apply online, applicants need a digital certificate and electronic signature, and to suppy the Junta with their bank account details, documents such as their rental contract and proof of rent payments. The Ministry has issued a guide for this ‘Bono Alquiler Joven’ to help people understand what is involved.