Juanma Moreno, with some of the new hospital equipment. SUR
Junta's head defends 'unique in the world' public healthcare system in Andalucía but demands more resources to fund it

Junta's head defends 'unique in the world' public healthcare system in Andalucía but demands more resources to fund it

Juanma Moreno said the regional government's recently implemented plan has already enabled it to reduce surgical waiting lists by 5,000 patients

Héctor Barbotta


Tuesday, 16 April 2024, 16:35


Juanma Moreno has defended the Andalusian public healthcare system amid repeated claims it is under strain.

The Junta president took advantage of the inauguration of new equipment at the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital in Huelva on Monday where he defended the regional public healthcare system. "I want to convey this message so that people value what we have, which is unique in the world," he said.

Moreno, who presided over the start-up ceremony of the new PET-CT scanner at the Huelva health centre, pointed out healthcare never stands still and is always facing new challenges, and acknowledged that no matter how many resources are allocated, there is always the need to keep up with needs. "This means providing healthcare for nine million people who demand resources from birth until death; healthcare for everyone and everything, which is a colossal challenge," Moreno said.

Public and universal

"Let us value a public and universal system like the one we have, let us take care of it, let us pamper it and also, please, respect our health professionals, who give the best of themselves," he added.

Moreno assured the plan recently implemented by the Andalusian regional government has already enabled surgical waiting lists to be reduced by 5,000 patients. "I would like to have many more resources," said the president, who pointed out that Andalucía has to maintain its public services with less funding per inhabitant than most of the regions, which means competing from a position of inequality.

He attributed this to the funding model and criticised its shortcomings. "Everyone knows that we receive 1.5 billion euros less from central government, but nobody is doing anything to ensure Andalucía receives the same," he said. These funds, Moreno pointed out, would allow the region to make more progress in health and education. "It is terribly unfair that we Andalusians compete with one hand tied behind our backs, that we are not equally funded and that we do not have the same opportunities as other regions," Moreno said.

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