Elías Bendodo, this Tuesday morning at the presentation of Andalucía Vuela. / MORENO

Junta outlines plan for free Wi-Fi access for residents and visitors across the whole of Andalucía

The regional government's 250-million-euro plan Plan Vuela will create 'one of the largest Wi-Fi networks in the whole of Europe' and create teleworking spaces, according to a spokesperson


Free Wi-Fi access for residents and visitors in all the towns and villages of Andalucía is one of the main pillars of the Andalusian regional government’s Plan Vuela, which was presented this Tuesday (9 November) in Seville.

Elías Bendodo outlined the Junta’s 250-million-euro digital strategy which will first provide internet access nodes in 10,500 of its offices and centres the region - including hospitals, schools, libraries, museums and administrative centres.

The objective is, according to Bendodo, to facilitate procedures, reduce travel, promote remote working and to create "one of the largest Wi-Fi networks in the whole of Europe."


A key part of the initiative, will be the modernisation of the 760 Guadalinfo centres across the region, which from now on will also offer a free Wi-Fi zone and space for teleworking; or, as the spokesperson put it: "Their own office for those who need it."

Bendodo announced that in the coming weeks the first Vuela de Andalucía access point will be officially unveiled, "Plan Vuela is connectivity without barriers, to end the digital divide, combat the depopulation of the inland areas and promote digital learning." This last aspect, that of training, will have 120 million euros of own allocated, from state and European funds.

"It is about advancing the effectiveness and efficiency of public services to make life easier for people", said Bendodo who claimed that digitisation will be the third engine to drive the Andalusian economy, along with the agriculture and tourism sectors.