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Junta raises the health alert levels in five Andalusian provinces due to the advance of Covid-19

All provinces will be at Level 1 except Malaga, Cordoba and Seville, which go up to health alert Level 2


The Junta de Andalucía has agreed this Tuesday, 28 December, to raise the Covid health alert to Level 2 in all the health districts of three provinces, Cordoba, Seville and Malaga, while maintaining the five remaining provinces, Almeria, Cadiz, Granada, Huelva and Jaén, at Level 1 of the health alert.

However, this does not imply new capacity or opening hour limits of shops, hospitality, nightlife and other activities.

This was decided by the High Impact Public Health territorial committees of the eight provinces that met to analyse the epidemiological data in their respective areas, reported the Junta’s Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre, at a press conference.

Covid alert Level 1 had already been in force in the health districts of the provinces of Cordoba, Huelva, Jaén, Malaga and Seville since last Saturday (18 December), while the provinces of Almeria, Cadiz and Huelva were still at Level 0.


The new Covid alert Levels 1 and 2, approved on 17 December by the ministry of health eliminates opening hours and capacity limits in force previously and only establishes for cinemas, theatres and establishments intended for public shows that "the space must be organised in such a way that the interpersonal safety distance is respected, doors will be opened to allow staggered access, and the exit of the public must be carried out in a staggered manner by zones, guaranteeing the safety distance between people, and must be indicated by means of the appropriate signage ”.

Mandatory masks

In the case of public shows or mass events, the new health order establishes that "the use of a mask will be mandatory even if they are held in open air spaces" and "independent sectors with a maximum of 1,000 people must be defined, respecting at all times the safety and evacuation regulations."

In general, the new rules establish that in alert Levels 1 and 2 the activity of shops, hospitality and nightlife establishments "may be carried out in duly authorised public or private premises without exceeding the capacity that has been authorised by regulations, and always with the greatest possible interpersonal distance that allows the maintenance of adequate preventive and hygiene measures to prevent contagion risks, especially those related to avoiding crowds of people and having adequate ventilation in closed spaces.”

The Junta determines that "the maximum hours of these establishments will be those determined by its sector or municipal regulations".